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While using “”, we might ask you about your name, email id, etc. which will not be shared with any other third-party. It will be for our database only till you do not want it to be shared with any other third-party partner. Our privacy policy covers information about how we use the information. Please read through the privacy policy completely before using the website. If you do not find the policy acceptable, then you are advised not to use the website’s services.

Information Obtained

 The following information is obtained when you use our services:

●       The information we collect consists of your name, postal address, email address, and the type of browser through which you are browsing our site. We may use your email address to provide information about our newsletter and latest post updates, etc.

●       When you register on our site, you will have to fill the asked information.

●       Along with newsletter subscription, you need to provide demographic information, so that we can send you relevant updates.

●       Automated information collected through our cookies will have information about the device and the browser you are using. This includes identifiers of mobile device advertising or IP addresses. We collect information about interaction points and user behavior with our digital services. We collect this information in the background when you access our site.

●       Your location information is collected when you access our site.

How We Use Information

We use the information we collect about you in the following ways:

●       To improve the interaction of the user with our digital products and modify future services.

●       To send the latest promotions and marketing material to you.

●       To send advertisements that are personalized for you.

●       To provide linking of cross devices and analysis of marketing activities.

●       To protect our rights and other third-party partners.

How We Share Information

We share your information with:

●       Our family of companies.

●       With advertisers and marketing service providers to help us understand customer behavior with our content.

●       With social media platforms and the tools and services provided by social media platforms.

●       With our business partners who provide services on co-branding basis.

●       Legal personnel to protect our rights.

Your Choices, Including Marketing and Interest-Based Ads Opt-Outs

●       You can opt-out of our information-sharing program by limiting the information provided by you.

●       You can unsubscribe from our marketing promotions with the “Unsubscribe” link provided in our emails.

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Disclaimers for the Hairilisious Blog

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