Simple Ways To Make High Ponytail – DIY Tips

A high ponytail is your best friend on a bad hair day, but it is the same even on good hair days. Thus it is the most versatile hairstyle. Be it any occasion or function,  irrespective of your face cut and age, you can simply opt for a high ponytail and step out of the crowd.

A high ponytail requires the same technique as a traditional ponytail but has the charm of an updo. Also, just adding a few tips and tricks, you can add volume to the ponytail and make it simply more elegant and charismatic.

How To Style A High Ponytail?

1. Style For A  Day Old Hair

It is apt for any day but still works wonders for hair that is not freshly washed. Use dry shampoo or add hairspray for better results as it will make it easier to style it then. For a neat and edgy ponytail, the first prerequisite is to comb your hair thoroughly to leave no knots or tangles.

The point worth remembering is to comb your hair in the direction of the ponytail. Thus brush as if you are trying to sweep your hair in the ponytail, therefore, brush towards the crown of your head. For this, flip your head over to brush upwards towards the crown.

Tease your hair at the crown, lift a small portion of your hair midway to the crown and backcomb the hair towards the roots by gently teasing with a shampoo. Teasing your hair at the crown will add volume at the top and give a very smart look. Now gather your hair in a ponytail and smooth out the hair with a comb but do not do so at the teased crown.

At this stage, use some taming products and gels to get an altogether smoother look. Now simply secure the hair with an elastic band. Twist the band in figure 8 and pull the new loop back through the hair. Keep repeating till your hair is tightly secured. Do not use a rubber band as it will tangle the hair and break the strands. A hair tie is the best option to tie the hair for a high ponytail; a thick band is the best option.

For added appeal, take some hair strands, wrap it around the band, and secure it with a bobby pin; this is done to disguise the band. Next, use hairspray to keep your hair in place. If there are any flyways, use gel or taming products to keep them in place. A toothbrush with some hair spray can also keep the stray hairs in place; this technique will help hold them without flattening the crown.

2. Creating Ponytail With Volume

Like the above ponytail, the first step is to brush out your hair so that it goes in the direction you want it to go. Also, flip your head over to brush your hair backward towards the direction of the ponytail. This will help the hair be exactly where a high ponytail should be.

Now at the top of your head, tease your hair by holding a section of the hair and brushing the roots of the hair there. This technique will give volume to your hair. This technique is about making a ponytail on top of another ponytail. Pull the hair from the back of your ears in a small ponytail at the crown part and smooth it out.

After this pulling and smoothing process, with a hair tie, secure it. Now, tease the remaining hair with the comb to create the volume. Next, leave the first ponytail in place, pull the other hair around the first ponytail and smoothen the hair with a brush or hands. Finally, secure this ponytail around the first ponytail with the help of a holder.

With a spray taming the flyways, you are done with a ponytail with extra volume.

3. Dressing Up The Ponytail  

Several ways can be used to style up the ponytail. The styles are as follows:

The front poof

The front poof can simply style up your pony. The start will always be with the front brushing of hair. The front section of your hair just on the top takes it and simply twists it. This section of the hair has to be pushed slightly towards the front. This will cause it to rise to create the poof in the front.

First, secure it with bobby pins or a small hair clip, then add it to the ponytail. The section you need to use for poof should not be more than the distance between the eyebrows.        

Poof with extra teasing

The same poof that has been done as the above step can be teased a bit more than normal. Pull the bottom half of the hair into a ponytail. The top section should be kept away.

The bottom half of the pony should be tied in a ponytail. The top section is to be teased to create volume. Do not smooth it too much and with a volumizing spray, add some volume to the poof. Now pull it in the ponytail putting it at the top, and you are done.

Add poofs to the long hair

Divide the length of your hair into four sections. Three different ponytail holders separate your hair in those sections. For example, taking the front part, poof it a bit, and then get it to the holder of the second section. Next, hold the first holder with the second and then repeat the same till the last section, and you are done.    

With waves

With a curling iron, add some waves to your hair. Then wrap the hair around it in tiny sections while turning it in the opposite direction from your face. Do this to small sections of hair for the waves and then tie it in a ponytail.

These are the simple ways to make a ponytail and style it for any occasion.

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