How To Do Braided Updo? Simple DIY Steps

Are you a styling enthusiast? We have brought you something that you can do quickly and with less stretch. Yes, they are Braided Hair Updos. They generally give you a stunning look. Since this suits every occasion, you can learn how to do it. 

Now, try the following steps and do a perfect and cute updo. At times, these styles take only a few minutes, less than a minute. If you are in a hurry, this style can be a great option. It additionally gives a voluminous look to your hair. Check this guide to know further on the same. Keep reading!

Supply/Things needed to make a braided updo

  • Hair Pins – You can use them to hold your hair firmer while doing the hairstyle. 
  • Comb – Make sure you use a good and clean comb. We would suggest you use a wooden comb. It generally does not produce static electricity when you comb your oily hair. Ultimately, the chance of your hair falling gets reduced. We know you found this info beneficial.
  • Hairband – To set up your hair for a long time in the final stages of the hairstyle, you can use a hairband.
  • Hair spray – Hair sprays are usually used to set up your hair in the same state for a long time. It reduces the risk of frizz and dropping off your style. Make sure you use a spray-free of chemicals that do not affect your hair growth.

Steps to make a braided updo

Trust us! You will make it in just six steps. So let’s have a look at it.

Step 1: Things needed- Comb, Hair Pin

Here, you need to part the front of your hair into two sections – a right and left portions. Then, pin both the parts firmly to proceed further.

Step 2: Things needed- Comb

Voluminous hair is a dream for every girl around there. So, to make the style cooler, you can backcomb the remaining unpinned portion of your hair. It resembles your hair has more volume and gives a better texture to it.

Step 3: Things needed – Comb, Hair Pin, Hairband (if you need)

Now, add some spice to the style. Let’s incorporate some low bun to the style to make it glow excessively. Here, you need to roll off the unpinned portion in the back and make it look like a bun.

Step 4: Things needed – Comb, Hair Pin, Hairband (if you need)

Here, we are going to include another style in the front portion. Now, you need to use Dutch Braid in the front part, which you have pinned earlier. Don’t make the braid look tighter. Make it a bit loose so that the style will look natural.

Step 5: Things needed – Comb, Hair Pin, Hairband (if you need)

Let’s wrap the dutch braid along with the low bun. Yes, pin it tighter, so the hairstyle won’t be a mess at any cost. To add extra firmness to your hair, you can also use a Hairband. Only the Hair Pin is enough to hold all the hair safely for certain people.

Step 6: Things needed – Hair spray

Use a hair spray at last, and now your hairstyle is all set. Further, you are ready to shine like a star. Are you looking beautiful? For sure, you will be.

Hairstyles give you confidence in many situations; with this style, you will enhance it further and enjoy your day. We have provided these steps so that you can effectively make it yourself. Happy braiding!


Is it vital to use Hair spray?

Using a hair spray is not mandatory. But, if you want your hairstyle to last longer, then definitely using a hair spray is a great option. 

Do I need to use a deep conditioner before doing this hairstyle?

It is highly optional to do so. But, if your hair is either oily or dry, you can use a deep conditioner. So your hair looks better while setting up the hairstyle.

Can we use a basic braid instead of a dutch braid?

Yes, it is possible. We prefer you to use a dutch braid, as it will be prettier than a basic braid. However, a basic braid is also a good option, without any doubt.

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