25 Stylish and Trendy Teen Girl Hairstyles

Teenage life is a time when you’ll have to indulge in many activities. In addition, stepping toward maturity can lead you to face different emotional changes. So, keeping yourself adaptable to the changes and simultaneously finding good options to make you look your best can be tough.

A good hairstyle acts like a mirror that will reflect your identity, enhance your personality, frame the shape of your face, and boost the confidence to face the changing emotions during this age of adolescence. There will be endless hairstyles available for teenage girls. Picking the right trendy style can keep you updated.

Short Hair Pompadour

These kinds of hairstyles are a fantastic way to define your short hair. The mid-front hairs create a lot of voluminous look on the top sides. This is because the side hair is cut short. The contrast created by the long hair on the top and short side hairs gives a unique, bold look.

You can also try these pompadour styles in a pixie haircut. Once you have this super-cut, you can style your top hair differently. For example, you can create a wave using mid-front hair or curls, sweep it into sides/back or protrude that hair to the front to give a classy and attractive look.

Pompadour with Ponytail

Even the long hair teen girls can reap the benefit of Pompadour hairstyles. The main feature of these styles is that it creates an attentive look that makes you stand out in the crowds.

Besides, the side hair is clipped strong at the backside, so it highlights every outline of your face. The hair swept upwards to form a raised filled pattern above the forehead will be a great choice on any occasion. Finally, the long hair tied at the back can arrange the frizzy hair in one place.

Two Bun Braid

If you’re going to select a braiding option for your hair, you can get plenty of designs and patterns. However, if you want your hair to stay firm and at the same time give perfect styling, then you can go for this style. You can try these styles for schools, playtimes, or even parties.

The best outfit that would match these hairstyles is a jeans top or with dungarees. First, the hair is divided into two sections from the middle, and then each section is individually braided and collected at the top to form braided buns.

Sleek and Shag Medium Hairstyle

This versatile hairstyle is apt for short, medium, and long hair. But in general, keeping a medium-cut that ends to your shoulder level will give a perfect mix of a trend. The long bangs are taken off the forehead and shifted to the sides, giving the best frame to your face.

The layered shag would add a natural shine and glow to the hair. You can try various hair colors to texture your hair. Shaping the ends of the hair at regular intervals can keep the style in perfect condition.

Long Angled Bob Hairstyle

Bob hairstyles had always been a preferred choice for keeping short hair. However, modern bob styles have some innovative cuts to create long hair angles. It means by angles that you’ll not get the whole hair in the same lengths.

The hair length at the backside is short and gradually gets increased on either side while moving to the front side. Though you can choose short angled bobs, the beauty of long angled bobs is that it leaves a pretty good volume of hair at the front. The style can match different face shapes and require low maintenance.

Prom Updo Hairstyle

Want to achieve a stunning look for special occasions? Try this magnificent Prom Updo hairstyle with an adorable braid on one side. The hair from the other side is messily fixed using a pin at the backside.

The beauty of this style is that the messy and fluffy patterns look glamorous from all angles. This loose and relaxed style paired with hair accessories will truly give you a princess look. Golden or silver-hued hair will look elegant with these styles.

Curly Bang Pixie

Curls and waves always add an extra kick to any hair. So a combination of Pixie cut with curls has much craziness to offer. The style would have bangs that will run diagonally to one side of your forehead.

The rest of the mid hair is waved to the backside, which creates an uneven hair look. This is because the hair doesn’t align itself in one direction. You can observe the crossing of hair waves that build up messiness to style the hair.

Braided Protective Style

A style that can be equally protective and fashionable is truly a ‘unique’ pick to try. This hairstyle can be done in long or medium hair. If you look at it first, you may feel it would be a tedious job for these styles. But in fact, a couple of braiding skills are sufficient to achieve this trendy protective style.

The individually braided hair strands are collected and tied at the back using one-three of the braided hair strands. The braided tails are left behind like a ponytail. And these strong braids can last for a longer time.

Braid with Crimped Style

Crimped hairstyles had been a wonderful trend during the ’90s. But these styles have come back with a strong rise, and people love to follow these styles nowadays. The textured curls that you get from the root of the hair to the tip are the main thing that makes these styles different from ordinary curls.

You can achieve the hairstyle by tightly braiding the sections of hair and keeping it overnight or using a flat iron. Once to open the braid morning, you can have these zig-zag wavy curls. The braids can be made by taking thin sections of hair from both sides and clipped at the back would enhance this style.

Ombre Waves with Bun

Instead of trying styles on your natural colored hair, look for ombre shades to style your hair to give it an exotic view. Hair with a blend of dark and light shadows offers a unique vibrance and highlights the style.

Braids made in such hair will look exceptionally good and lovely. Both sides of the hair are braided and then joined in the middle to form a messy bun. The ombre shades would emphasize your wavy curls and messy buns with braids.

Dutch Braid-Fishtail Combo

This typical style has taken inspiration from the ‘Frozen’ movie Elsa’s character, hence is also known as Elsa Braid. The braid involves the combination of Dutch Braid with fishtail braid to give an outstanding view to the hair. The technique is to collect the hair to one side.

Start placing the three strands under one another. Complete the Dutch braiding up to the ear. Then you can start fishtail style to braid from base to tip. If the braiding goes tight, use your fingers to push the strands slightly to loosen them.

Layered Sleek Long Style

This long layered hairstyle is definitely going to give you a modern vibe to your look. Though it is much better on grey and long hair, you can try it on other shades. The bangs are cut in a curved fashion that would cover your forehead fully.

Layering does not disturb the hair at the back, but it is left at the same length. Whereas the sides of the hair are cut layer-wise. So, adding those side hair to the front would create a layered depth to your hair. This carefree style doesn’t require any hair accessories and can be used as a daily hairstyle.

One Side Braid

A hair that would show two different styles on it can multiply the charms. To make this asymmetrical style, you need to part the hair from one side. Then, start braiding by taking a thin section of hair from the smallest parted area. Secure the ends of the braid with a hairpin when you reach the middle side of the hair.

The other side is left open to form a loose style that will resonate with the face. For additional décor, you can use stones to put on the braids. Finally, pair the hairstyle with a gown to achieve a dreamy Barbie look.

Twist And Wrap Braid

Fairy tales have inspired the teens to create an image of living in a virtual world like a queen. The teens who want to achieve this dream can try this hairstyle. The base of this hairstyle is simple braiding.

You have to start from one side and go around the head with these braids to form a crown-like shape in the hair. Then, tuck the end of the hair securely with a pin. You can also match your dress color with the hair accessories to create a theme for your look.

Fatty Fishtail Braid

An enhanced and modified fishtail braid is great for showing a classy image in front of your friends. The hairstyle can work better on thick and long hair. First, you need to create two ponytails, one at the top and another just below it, a few inches away.

Start creating a loose fishtail braid with the first ponytail, then add it to a second ponytail. Continue the fisher braid till it reaches the end of your hair. The thick hair with this braid will create a wild fishtail look. 

Flowing Style

It’s not always possible to create a braided look. However, you can go for this simple hairstyle when you’re in a hurry and want to achieve the best in less time. This haircut consists of wavy hair that would appear floating on the body.

The haircut is going to give you a memorable day. Try this style by parting the hair from the middle, arranging the curls, and getting ready. If you want this easy-cut look for any party, you can even curl the hair more using a curling iron to achieve a sassy look.

Wavy Pixie Cut

Play with the curls by these wavy pixie cuts. Pixie cuts are always in top demand. The joining of black wavy hair cut style made the style to become more prominent. The hairstyle can be tried even for festive seasons.

The bangs are cut long but will not cover the full forehead. By swiping those curly bangs to one side, you can define your own style. The sides and back of the hair are cut short compared to the medium size wavy hair on the top.

Dip Dye Hair

Dip dye tips have been a popular style among celebrities, but you may see many other people also love these styles to try in their hair. You can personalize your hair with a variety of color shades. But some may not want to color their whole hair.

Such teens can color the sections of the hair that they want with these dip-dye styles. Whatever may be the hair- long, short, or medium, the hair tip with a different color creating a contrast with your natural hair color will give a unique shine to your hair.

Bubble Braid Ponytail

Bubble ponytails are an easy way to change your regular ponytail. Though this style can be done with straight or creased hair, make sure to curl the hair to enhance the craziness of this style. Then, take half of your hair from the top and tie it with a band.

You can also cover the band using your hair if you don’t want to show it up. Next, please take all the hair and tug it at the base to form the first bubble. Next, push the hair out to make it look voluminous. Repeat these steps to form more bubbles until you reach the tip of the hair.

Two Braided Ponytails

Those bored with a daily ponytail can go for this bunches style to take advantage of a super cute teen look. The hair will look neat, secure, and polished to give you attractive styled hair from all sides.

Here, the hair is parted from the middle. Braiding is done in each section, starting from the top and then radiating towards the backside. The braids are then tied at the top of the tail part. The un-braided tail part of each section is left open to enhance the overall look.

Dutch on the side

Teenage is the time for you to let your hair down and have fun. This is the time for you to experiment with all kinds of long hair without worrying about its repercussions. If you like to keep it simply stylish, this is your haircut.

Triple cornrows

Cornrows can be seen worn by the topmost celebrities and have become a huge sensation. With side-parted hair and three cornrows on the smaller side, and hair let loose, you can truly become the fashionista of your school or your block. If you want a subtle yet remarkable fashion, this is for you.

Long hair with short sides Pompadour

Teenage is when you can be most expressive through various art forms. One of the most opted ones is getting the perfect hairstyle. If you desire short hair and want something truly bold and edgy, then this is your hairstyle. But remember, you have to make up your mind before getting this haircut.

Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle

The beauty of this hairstyle is that the varying layers and lengths of this cut are enough to make you stand out and be the talk of the town. The back hair is cut till mid of the nape, and the front hair is cut into bangs but in an ascending order than covers the faces but does not overshadow it.

Crop your hair jagged

This is your time to break away from the shackles of insecurity and try out something new. This hairstyle can be the first step towards it. The comfort and carefree style it offers can never make you go wrong with it. Don’t be a part of the herd; rather, make your own herd and let everyone follow.

If you’re very excited to try new looks, we strongly recommend you go for these hairstyles. These trendy looks will help you present yourself in the best way for your special occasions. So enjoy the teen life, keep yourself updated and get those gorgeous looks by trying these hairstyles now!

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