35 Cool Hair Colors For Teens 2022

Teenage is a great time in all our lives, and while we are likely to be facing a variety of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness, it still is one of the most fun periods of everyone’s love.

Well, teenagers also love trying out new things, and if you are a teenager who is looking for trendy hair colors that you can get done on your hair, then you have arrived at the right place. Read on this list of 35 different hair colors and styles to pick your choice.

Short wavy hair with fiery red highlights

Teenage is a colorful period in our lives, and everything we do will usually be something fun and vibrant. Well, why not try doing the same with your hairstyle too? This is a great example of how you can transform a plain black hairstyle into something cooler and totally rocking.

Keep the upper part of the hair as it is, while the lower part is colored with beautiful red highlights. A perfect redhead looks without having to go completely red on your hair. We are sure that you’ll love this fun hairstyle.

Silver-blonde wavy hair

When it comes to coloring the hair and getting a mega hair makeover, the first choice of several people will be to go blonde. Well, if you thought going blonde only meant going golden on your hair, you’re in for a big surprise. This silver blonde hairstyle looks as good as the normal blonde style itself.

The color can speak volumes about how you like to take the unconventional path and make it more fun. Silver-blonde colors and hairstyles are trending worldwide, and there is no reason for you not to give this one a try.

Honey blonde beach waves

Want that perfect summer look for your summer break when you are having the time of your life? Honey blonde can make for an interesting and gorgeous hairstyle. The hair falls softly in beautiful beach waves, and you can achieve such perfect waves too if you have the right products.

The honey hue of the hair, paired with the natural black roots, makes for an excellent combination. Brown and gold is surely a great blend of hues and looks so great on natural brunette hair.

Purple curly waves

You are sure to give this look a long glance when you see it for the first time. There are no words to describe the beauty of this lovely hairdo; it’s absolutely perfect and makes us want to go to our hairstylist and get the same look done ASAP.

Violet and lilac are two trending hair colors these days, with more and more women being brave to try out colors different from the usual hair colors like brown or blue. While you can try out this color combination of violet and black in different styles as you would please, here is how the hair has been tied up into two small buns on the top looks just adorable.

Magenta red waves

Are you a fan of gorgeous, dramatic, and bold red hair? Then, take a look at this brilliant style. The magenta color with the perfect hint of red and pink looks absolutely gorgeous.

Be bold, be brave, and be young with this red wavy hairstyle. Going to school or college, or going to a party? Well, this hairstyle is suitable for all kinds of occasions and will make you the star of the show no matter where you are.

Blue magic on short bobbed hair

Blue is a popular color for different hairstyles, but usually, most hairstyles include only a single shade of blue. Well, if you noticed, here you can see that two different shades of blue, both dark and light, are used here to create a transition effect that looks so dope.

If you love short hairstyles and also love experimenting, you should give this one a try. The gorgeous blending of both these blue hues makes for a beautiful sight. You can also try out this hairstyle with different shades of other colors like green, red, etc.

Purple unicorn hair

Ever dreamt of purple hair color that gives off just the right vibes? Well, this one is sure to be a hit amongst your friends and family; it’s a versatile hair color that mixes both purple and light blue to give a super cool hair color.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, this hairstyle must try for you. The curly beach waves, when combined with the purple and blue hue, make for a really pretty hairstyle.

Violet glitter hair

Although pastels like lilac and soft purple may be quite the trend these days, nothing can beat the classic beauty of a rich violet color that simply makes your hair look amazing.

In this hairstyle, you can see the beauty of both the colors and the exceptional way both the braids and the buns have been combined. This totally makes for a cool and chic hairstyle that you simply cannot take your eyes away from. Long hair is best suited for this kind of buns plus braids hairstyle.

Wavy rainbow hair

Have you ever wanted to get not just a single color or even two different colors on your hair, but a variety of several different colors? Then you should totally check out this wavy rainbow hairstyle, which beautifully combines all these different shades of blue, yellow, orange, green, red, pink, and purple to give you a very pretty look.

You can look really fun and vibrant with this hairstyle and want to know what the best part is? It can look great with almost all outfits, and the rainbow theme also goes really well with all other colors.

Light blue hair

Icy silver-blonde hair, along with the perfect light blue shade, complements it. Yes, this is one terrific hairstyle with soft pastel colors and really gives out a warm and soft glow to the entire look. Silver-blonde and platinum blonde are totally the most trending hair colors these days and are ruling almost all looks.

Be sure to give this hairstyle a try before you can start seeing them on everyone. This color is sure to look great with both short and long hairstyles, and adding a simple hair accessory like the one shown in the picture can take a look to a whole new level.

Mauve purple hair with bangs

A beautiful shade that is not exactly brown nor pink, the mauve is a favorite color for many. In this, the color is somewhat more of a mauve purple shade, and it looks stunning. And pair it with some edgy bangs to get that bad-ass look, which is quite the trend these days.

Bangs are now being tried out by everyone irrespective of their different types of hair, and combining them with bright colors can totally make the difference.

Ash-blonde intricate braids style

A paler version of the grey color, the ash-blonde, is also a really pretty look. And gone are the days when grey hair used to be only for old people. These days, youngsters and adults are trying out ash blonde and other similar white or silver-colored hairstyles, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

You can either go for all silver or ash, or you can simply combine silver streaks or highlights on black hair, and surely, that will look great.

Neon rainbow hair

If you have been looking for bright and really vibrant hair color, then this is the right one for you since we’re pretty sure that it will meet all your requirements about being extremely colorful.

Totally a fun look, teenagers will love this super cool hairstyle and use it to flaunt it with different kinds of outfits on their social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook. The mix of colors looks best on long and thick hair. Make sure to get your hairstyles in gorgeous large curls, and you are good to go.

Soft blue hair color

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Yes. That’s right. We just said, out oh my god, three times out loud since we can barely contain the excitement of coming across such a dreamy hairstyle.

The soft blue hair color is everything out of a pastel dream, and when combined with the right kinds of outfits and accessories, your entire look is sure to give out major goddess vibes. In this style, the long has been simply loosely tied up into a careless braid, and the rest of the hair is just left hanging in all its bare beauty.

Honey caramel blonde

Of course, every list of hairstyles or hair colors is incomplete without at least one blonde hairstyle being featured in it. As is the case with this article also, we have included this really beautiful blonde hair color. The honey caramel blonde is a much-loved color among the ladies thanks to the warmth and radiance.

It is totally a golden look for all the golden girls out there, so make sure that you get blonde hair at least once in your life so that you can know what it feels like.

Dark green hair

Green hair is simply a beauty; be it a lighter neon shade of green or even the darker forest green color which beautifully symbolizes nature, green is great. It might not be so popular as other colors like blue, and green, but it’s still pretty attractive.

You also get the flexibility to try the same color in different hairstyles thanks to its versatility as a solid color. Here, we can see that the hair has simply been let down as it is, so if you want to try out something versatile, braids may be a really good idea.

Colorful buns hairstyle

Want a colorful hairstyle but one that looks as colorful as the rainbow hairstyle? Well, we have a solution for even that. Let’s just give this look a try. While the top section of the hair is pure golden blonde hair color itself, the rest of the hair, especially the ends, has been colored in shades of purple-ish blue, light blue, pink, and red.

The hair has also been tied in a cute bun hairstyle, which is also a major Instagram trend these days. Do check out this hairstyle if you want to up your style game.

Half black half colorful hair

Wow, this hairstyle really has us opening our eyes out widely in awe of it. While one half of the hair gives you major goth vibes with all its blackness and rich beauty, the other side is an opposite version and filled with all the color you could ever find.

While both these styles can be found individually and separately, combining two extreme hair colors has worked really well here and deserves applause. With this hairstyle, you can get the best of both worlds.

Light blue goddess hair

You say it, we find it and list the best hairstyles for you. This one is surely a must-try hairstyle on this list, and it just looks so naturally beautiful. The long goddess-like hair and the combination of light blue hair with a hint of purple in it are totally giving us some mermaid vibes.

This look is perfect for summer outings when you are just happy and free and enjoying life to the fullest. The intricate and delicate braids also add some extra beauty to this look.

Messy blonde look

A messy vibe is something many of us crave when we want just to get away from all the hassle associated with projecting a great and perfect look. Messy hairstyles can be gorgeous, too, if you style them in the right way. Messy waves give a great sense of unkempt hair look, and this is exactly what we can see in this picture.

The golden blonde strands of hair, when combined with this totally chic look, make for an interesting case. If a messy and cool vibe is what you are aiming for, then this hairstyle right here is the one for you.

Baby blonde hair on beach waves

Baby blonde is a much more lighter version of the original blonde hairstyle and is perfectly suitable for teenagers who want to try out blonde hair for the first time. Especially if you are a brunette and you are not sure how the blonde look might turn out on yourself, then baby blonde can be tried out without any fear.

Here the top section of the hair is a light brown color, and from the middle section towards the ends, we can see the transition from brown to soft golden.

Rainbow prism hair color

This would be another hairstyle where we will have to yell, oh my god, because just look at it. How cool is it? If you have ever seen a rainbow being reflected from a prism and were totally amazed by the wonders of nature and light, then it’s high time that you give the same a try on your hair itself by getting a rainbow prism hair color. In vibrant shades of rainbow colors, the little prisms here and there do look beautiful.

Blonde and brunette beauty

We can only say that as we are nearing the end of this list of beautiful hair colors, it only keeps getting better. This brunette and blonde combination of hair are just like a dream. It looks so beautiful that it feels like this hairstyle is too good to be true.

On the top, keep the hair in its brunette roots itself, and as we come towards the middle, we can see that the hair has transitioned into an even lighter shade of caramel brown. And then it further makes the beautiful transition from brown to pure blonde.

Auburn beauty

Being a redhead and also rocking it ever so beautifully must be a dream for almost every girl. Well, here is the inspiration to make your redhead dreams come true with this auburn-colored hair.

Red, auburn, and orange are totally some of the most trending hair colors, and they are sure to be trending for many more years to come since they look immensely pretty. This hairstyle is also giving out major fall vibes, and in a nutshell, it is nothing but amazing.

Colorful neon hair

Neon hair is the trend that is raging all over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and it is being tried out by both celebrities and influencers alike.

So why not give it a try, especially if you love such bright and popping hair colors. They go well with most modern-day outfits and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you go.

Purple ash highlights

This is not one of those conventional colored hairstyles that you usually see in your everyday life. It is quite different from the one we normally see, but it looks quite beautiful even while being as simple as possible.

The highlights are also not done commonly and are done beneath the hair instead of highlighting the hair either on the top, middle, or the ends. It manages to look low-key and great at the same time.

Pure blonde wavy hair

A good hairstyle for short-haired teens, the pure blonde hair color is one of the classiest and trendiest hair colors of all time. It has been a favorite for many ladies and continues to rule the industry regarding hair coloring. Such is the beauty of blonde hair. Pair with some beachy waves, and you have a cool and evergreen look for yourself.

Neon pink and green braids

Here is yet another neon combination of hair colors that managed to steal all our hearts. Coloring the front hair with a dark green color, towards the back, we can see it change from green to soft neon pink, and the thick braids by combining both the colors have made for an excellent choice of hairstyle. Can’t wait for you all to try out these hairstyles and have fun with the colors.

Yellow and orange hair

While both yellow and orange are popular in hair coloring, combining both of these colors to make a half orange and half yellow look might be a first for most of us. The sheer beauty of this gorgeous hairstyle cannot simply be put into words. It’s more than that. A total hipster and cool hairstyle, don’t forget to add this to your lists, girls.

Purple and pink hair color

And to add one more to the list, we have a gorgeous purple and pink hairstyle done on curly beach waves. More than the color, it is those waves that add perfection to this look, and we are sure that, be it your office, university, or any party that you are attending, this hairstyle will totally make you the star of the show.

Half jet black and half fierce red

If you have black hair, you may feel like you do not have many options. But the power of red is truly unbeatable and when teamed up with black it can give you a gothic angel look. It can make you quite popular among your peers and make you feel extraordinarily beautiful.

Black and grey split dye for long hair

 Your teens are the time when you have this urge to be unique and different from the rest. This hair color can truly set your apart for it is not your general shade or highlights, but a rare combination of black and grey, with one-half grey on the top and fading into black and the other half black on the top fading into grey.

Chestnut Auburn hair color

Now, for all you teen girls who like to play it safe and want a little something which is a special bit not too pompous, this is the hair color for you. The elegance, grace, and simplicity of this color make it all the more worth it. It looks tremendous on soft wavy and long hair.

Blond copper highlights on dark hair

The grace there is in subtle colors, is unparalleled and unachievable through any other shades. Especially the blond copper on dark hair is a mesmerizing addition that can make you look effortlessly gorgeous. If you are someone who does not like too much drama, then this is the option for you.

Red velvet and blood ombre with wavy hair

Make every head turn as you walk into a room and be the talk of the town with the scarlet red fading into a blonde ombre, creating a visually appealing look. All face types and complexions can pull off this look, like a pro. Just be sure to choose the right combination of red and ombre.

I hope you enjoyed the list of cool and fun hairstyles for teenage girls and had fun trying the color and style you end up choosing. Remember to take extra care of your hair, especially when you have colored it, or else by the time the color fades away or you go for a new color, your hair is bound to get highly damaged.

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