Be The Glamorous Self With The Beautiful Waterfall Braid

Among various aspects of women like her apparel, her makeup, shoe choice, accessory, a hairstyle is, something that always adds the final touch. A nice hairstyle can get you to stand apart from the crowd, and a bad hair day can get you all dull. One hairstyle that will never leave the fashion forum must be braiding. It makes styling the hair a lot easier. Braiding in no time can entirely change the look and add a new style to the entire persona.

Different Types Of Braids

There are different types of braids like fishtail braids, French plate braids, crochet braids, etc. One such beautiful braid is the waterfall braid. The pattern of this braid is just intricate and, in a word, stunning. However, it might look a little complicated to tie. So here is a detailed procedure of how one can easily braid without much hassle. These things come with some tries. However, as it is often said, there are a few steps that one should remember, and if these are incorporated, making this braid can be an absolute cakewalk.

The Look Of The Waterfall Braid

As the name suggests, the entire look of the waterfall braid is such that it creates a very free frail kind of hair look. The mid knots look gorgeous, and from the side of the hair, there is a trail of knots from where hair strands fall off. This is very pretty and charming.

Steps To Make The Waterfall Braid

First, comb your hair and make sure it is completely detangled. Also, look through that there are no single hair tangles. If possible, or you wish, you can apply a hair smoothening serum. This will facilitate the easy partition of hair strands.

Step 1:

At the front, take a big section of hair and subdivide it into three strands. Take the back strand and put it in the middle.

Step 2:

Then take the strand at the front and place it across the middle strand.

Step 3:

This step includes the twist. When you take again the back strand add a little bit of hair in the section.

Step 4:

Now this new strand, along with the back, makes a strand. Put this new strand over the middle strand of the hair. If you wonder what happens with the first strand, then don’t worry; leave it as it is.

Step 5:

Take the section at the back, including the new section, over the middle section.

Step 6:

Again, take a section behind the first strand and put it such that it crosses over the middle section.

Step 7:

This is the Concluding step. The final step includes the repetition of all the same steps. Tie it all the way to the back of your head. When you finish, make sure to tie it with an elastic band.

Final Result:

When the entire hairstyle is made, you will notice that it has created a tangential braid along the side of one partition. The result is just lovely.

You can also put little flower pins in-between the braids to increase the prettiness of the entire look. The hairstyle is indeed a versatile one and is something wonderful. You can sport this hairstyle in the evening for a family function to even your own reception flaunting your length and style. This will surely make you look graceful and turn your eyeballs. This classic hairstyle will never let you down and be prepared to look unique.

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