6 Easy Steps To Cut Men Hair At Home

As we all know, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has generated a global health crisis that has an intense impact on how we perceive our everyday lives. For our and others’ safety, we all are following safety measures like social distancing, no contact, etc., and also abstain from finding comfort in the company of others. Life of all of us has changed a lot than before. Before this pandemic, people lived their lives freely. Due to this pandemic, our nation had been shut down for a very long time, affecting their lives. Over 90 days of the lockdown, the uncertainty on the prospect of ‘going back to normal’ continues to mount.

During this pandemic, people were bound to do everything by themselves and also by staying at home. Those who were doing jobs had to work from home. Now, working at home doesn’t mean you can be shaggy and dirty. Still, if you are working from home, you might have to attend meetings and for that, keeping yourself well-groomed is mandatory. Even if not, self-hygiene and grooming are important. Because of the lockdown, the barbershops and salons were shut down, and even now, when the world is unlocked, it’s still not safe to go out and put yourselves in danger. Therefore, people should learn to groom themselves on their own.

Here we will discuss some easy ways of cutting hair at home. This article is basically for men or women who want to give their husbands, boyfriends, or brothers hair cut at home. I will start by telling you the tools one may need to style their hair.

Tools Needed to Cut Your Hair at Home, especially for men

First of all, you’ll need some scissors. Try not to go for the all-purpose scissors, as these are not intended to trim hair. Rather, go explicitly for scissors intended for trimming hair.

You’ll need a fine-toothed brush. This will help control the measure of hair you gather and trim at a time. When trimming your hair is anything, keep in mind that it is not a race. If you’re rushing to trim your hair, don’t do it. You will need to get a couple of hair trimmers.

Hair trimmers that permit you to change the trimming length are a significant instrument to have. But abstain from purchasing a cheap trimmer as they are not reliable or durable. They can break easily and can even hurt you while trimming.

Lastly, you’ll need a razor. After you trim down the hair around your neck, you have to pull out a razor and eliminate the remaining ones. Utilizing an electric trimmer for this will leave some stubble, and continually pushing the trimmer here and there builds the opportunity of an ingrown hair.

Trimmers are basic; however, you’ll always be unable to do anything over a blind buzz if you can’t see what you’re doing. You’ll require a double mirror arrangement for that, with one mounted wall mirror and one hand mirror, to look at the rear of your head. Ensure that you get a strong alternative for that handheld glass

Step By Step Guide To Cut Men’s Hair At Home

Step-1 – Start by trimming the sides

We will start from the sides first. Make sure that the trimmer is on the bald line and that there is no guard on the trimmer. This will help trim a large portion of the hair from the sides and your head’s rear. It is safe to begin the cut around the top portion of your eyebrows.

While doing this, make sure you are not putting a lot of pressure on the trimmer. Let the trimmer carry out the responsibility because an excess of pressure on the trimmer could prompt cuts. Be delicate while running the trimmer to and fro on the side of your head.

Remember not to leave any stray hair at the same time. Go moderate while managing the posterior of your head. When you have done this, double-check the bald line in the mirror. To figure out how to trim your own hair, you have to get the bald line of the fade haircut right, first. When you’ve done this, we can move to the following stage.

Step-2 – To merge the fade

To merge the fade, we will require the guards for the clippers. You can utilize the number 1 guard with the lever shut. Slowly move the clipper up from the bald line to about half an inch.

Continue doing this by moving the clippers up on the head from the bald line. To get a clean fade, you can move the trimmers above by eliminating the guard and eliminating any superfluous hair. After finishing this, we would now be able to move to the subsequent stage of merging them.

Step-3- Removing the bulky hair

Since you have done this, we will eliminate all the bulky hair on the sides. For this, it is suitable to utilize the number 2 guard of the clippers. You just need to flick out the excess hair, and it is simpler than the previous steps.

While doing this, it is prudent to go about half an inch to their fourth of an inch to get that faded look. As you continue moving the trimmers, you will see that there is still a noticeable separation between the hair underneath the bald line and the hair above.

Step-4 – Creating a perfect fade

Part your hair and straighten your hair. If you face trouble separating your hair, at that point, the edge of your eyebrow is a decent spot to begin the splitting of your hair. Utilize the number 5 guard lever open on the trimmer to eliminate any excess hair.

While doing this, use clips or your hand to hold the opposite side of the hair to guarantee you don’t trim the opposite side of the hair. Continue flicking your hair with the 5th guard on your trimmer to get a spotless fade. Continue doing it, and you will see a clean fade.

Step-5-  Merge the sides

It is favorable to utilize a comb and scissors to cut the middle line. Ensure that you are not diving deep and simply eliminating the bulge hair. Continue doing this around your head. While doing this, make sure you complete two things.

While trimming your hair, start from the bald line to the bulky, and after you have trimmed the bulky hair, ensure that you part the opposite side to evade any extra bulk. While doing this, go moderate so that you can get a spotless completion.

If you need to blur the hard hair line around the rear of your neck, you can utilize a beard trimmer to dispose of it. Generally, trimmers don’t cut profoundly enough, so beard clippers should carry out your responsibility. Since we have the sides finished, we can move to the subsequent stage.

Step-6-  Cut the hair on the top

After cutting the length on the head’s sides, cut the length on top of the head. To do this, first, get your hair wet totally. Ensure there are no dry spots. When finished, simply brush your hair to eliminate it. To start with, brush your hair down and start by trimming the front edge of the hair.

Here you can shape the front edge of your hair. Most men trim their hair over the eyebrows. This is ideal except if you incline toward long hair. While trimming the front part of your hair, I generally favor thinning the whole bit with scissors. This is because I have thick hair development.

Tips Before Cutting Your Hair

  • Basically, an ideal space has a mirror, a sink or removal container, enough space, legitimate lighting, and a stage where you’ll put your instruments as you do your DIY men’s hairstyle. Bathrooms frequently fit this portrayal.
  • Is your trimmer working? Does it have an adequate battery capacity to finish the hairstyle if it’s cordless? How will it feel? You need to ensure you know about your hair trimmer before you start.
  • Keep the things you need to cut your hair at a reasonable distance.
  • Use your cleanser and hair conditioner to clean your hair. This is significant because spotless hair is frequently simple to trim than messy, oily hair. Once your hair is dry, brush it to eliminate any current knot.
  • The last advance is to know which hairdo you need. Realizing this will help you arrange how you will approach the entire cycle and which guard numbers you’ll be utilizing.

I hope this step-by-step guide on the best way to trim your hair, especially for men, will help you cut your hair at home with ease. Although this can appear to be troublesome, it will save you time and money when you figure out how to trim your hair. Trimming your own hair can permit you to explore different avenues regarding new hairdos and pick haircuts that suit your face.

Trimming your hair gives you control to take a look consistently. If there are last-minute parties or occasions, you can easily style your hair with any cut or hairstyle you want. In this manner, it is prudent to trim your own hair as it will give you power over your hair. Learning the correct methods to manage your hair can spare several dollars per year—the purpose of this article is to trim your own hair.

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