30 Sexy Messy High Buns for Women to Try in 2022

If you ask for a hairstyle that would be well-suited for any type of hair length or texture, the only answer you’ll get is the ‘bun’ style. The mystery of buns is that you can try different varieties of styles with them. From formal to parties to workouts, whatever the event may be, the versatile buns will assist you with accomplishing your favorite look.

Types of Buns

A bun can take various forms. So you have a lot of options to choose from to get the preferred look. There are mainly five types of buns, but you can try their different variants by blending braids, knots, plaits, floral patterns, etc., to the simple buns.

  • High Bun: The name itself points out the meaning. In this style, the buns are made at the top of the head.
  • Low Bun: A low bun hairstyle is made at the back of the head, usually nearer to the nape area.
  • Double Bun: In this style, there would be two buns made opposite each other. The middle-parted hair separates the two buns. These styles are mainly tried for protecting and securing the hair.
  • Side Bun: Unlike the low bun, which is made at the lower middle portion of the head, side buns are shifted slightly to one side, either right or left, depending upon the direction you choose.
  • Half Bun: A half bun is formed when you collect the top sections of your hair to form a bun in the middle. The rest of the hairs are left open at the back of your head.

What things are needed to make a High Bun?

One of the reasons that made high buns popular is that it doesn’t require many items to do the style. The first thing that you’ll need is the comb. For some styles, the fingers are sufficient to act in place of a comb. Next, you need some elastic bands to tie the ponytail and some hairpins to secure the hair in place.

Other than this, the choice may vary between individuals. Some buns require socks to make it. Some who like to add hair accessories will need that to proceed. You can also include hairsprays in the list to add a finishing touch.

Messy High Buns are the easiest way to add a timeless class to your hair. Loosely wrapped hair would look natural. Copy the below-given styles to match on any occasion. You’ll not need to go to any salons or call someone to do these styles for you. Just Do It Yourself with ease!

Wavy Updo Bun

Do you have those crazy unruly curly strands of hair that don’t stay in one place? If yes, this bun style is ideal for you. The buns are super easy to make. Just pull your curls up to form a loose high ponytail at the top of your head. Collect the strands to create a bun.

Let a few hints of waves and tendrils flow freely out to your face. That’s it! You are ready with your rocking style. Wear a ribbon or headband that matches your outfit to add a new dimension to your style.

Messy Curlies Bun

Low buns may not look great on naturally curly or spring-like hair. On the other hand, high buns hairstyles are a great way to throw light on those beautiful coily strands. But with different varieties of styles available, these messy curlies buns would suit any colored hair.

All you need is to gather the Type 3 curl strands to tie on the top of the head. Before tying, leave some curled strands out towards the forehead as bangs and a few on the sides. Wear some bold outfits to get ready for any events.

Top Bun with Face Framing Strands

Face framing strands are best suited to spice up the oval face shape. And with a high bun, it will add much elegance to your face. It’s okay to have those imperfections and bumps in the hair as it introduces a new texture to the hair.

Part the hair from the middle (not up to the backside) by leaving a few hairpieces out from the sides. Make a high ponytail and twist the hair. Wrap the twisted hair to form a high bun.

Sleek Hair Bun

Add an extra eye-catching look to your sleek hair using these sleek high bun styles. These high buns are the best way to prepare you for nighttime parties or functions with striking grace.

Best to say, you won’t require any hair accessories to decorate. The hair look created itself is sufficient to express your identity in the crowd. Hairs are tightly secured in the bun with some loose strands put out on the sides and back of the ear.

Super Messy Bun

None of the messy buns can get you crazy like these super messy top knots. Simply tease your hair to turn all the angles of your head with fullness. Even the thinner hair would get transformed into fuller hair.

This amazing hairstyle will satisfy your need to look gorgeous for weekend parties or present yourself for a wonderfully romantic date. Use large hoop earrings to highlight your charm. Featuring your hair with a blonde brown combo color will add a heavenly look to your hair.

High Bubble Bun

Hairstyles for light-toned locks are incomplete without trying this bun style once. Medium-length hairs can easily achieve these bubble bun styles. Make a high ponytail.

Tie another band a few inches below the ponytail’s band. Loosen the ponytail and make a way to create an opening through which the tail of the ponytail can be pulled out.

Secure the ends by wrapping them over the band. Spread the hair between the bands to hide the ends and push a little to look voluminous. To add a final touch to the look, leave some hair strands at the back of your nape.


High buns are a great way to present and show up your precious accessories. Especially when you have blonde hair, try this bun and add up a shiny silver accessory. These will brush up your hair bun with a royal look.

And those loose hair strands that are left at the sides will definitely make you fall in love with the look. Use a sock to roll and form the shape of the bun. Don’t forget to tease your back hair to make it appear inflated and voluminous.

Rose High Bun

If you’re searching for a way to have a unique messy bun, then this description is for you. Colors always add depth and lively spark to the hair. The messiness of a bun, when combined with a bold tint of reddish-brown; the bun would look more than awesome.

Plus, if you have layered hair, those strands that come out from the bun will work best to style the hair. When you have finished making these buns, the arrangement of hairs would resemble the petals of a rose that overlaps with one another (hence the name!!).

Formal High Bun

Want to achieve a formal look? Try these buns to add a new element of formality look. You can’t try complicated hairstyles that may question your professionalism. But high buns are so versatile that they can be changed with a simple twist to achieve a formal look.

Above all, the look you get will be equally beautiful. Comb the hair well, collect the hair tightly, and make a high bun. Check the upper side of the bun to make it a little bit lose and fluffy. Apply a hair spray to hold the hair in place. Leave some strands to your napes.

Air Filled Bun

Be ready to achieve a sophisticated and modern look with these high buns hairstyles. The teased hair creates an extra voluminous look from all sides. You would feel that the bun is so light-filled with airs.

This all-in-one hairstyle bun contains puffed-up front hair, very few & thin hair strands towards the face side, and hairs that form a lined mess. If you have dark hair, check for any darker shades of makeup, outfits, or jewelry to pair up the Air Filled High Bun.

Bulky Hair Bun

Hey, thick and long hair girls, this hair bun style is especially for you to achieve the easiest way to style your hair. The style of this bun is opposite to that of the above Air-filled bun. You will not have a hair puff from the front.

Instead, a small segment of hair in front is parted from the middle to form loose yet long hair strands that would frame the face. Following it at the back, you can see those raised hairs that had lifted the bun up to make it pretty. The teased hair at the back will give you a full-styled look that you’re craving.

Colored High Bun

This hair bun is to rescue the short hair girls to reap the benefits of a stylish high bun. Try the colored hair tails to form the buns that would protrude out from the hair bun with its strands to create messiness.

The highlight and contrasts created by the base of your hair with the tip of your hair will make the bun look much more gorgeous. The wavy hair type that can accompany the rumples would uplift the bun’s appearance.

Workout Bun with Headbands

Ready for a workout? The best style that can go along with your moves is these high buns. The bun would keep your hair off the face or neck so that you can do your workouts without any interruption.

You need to brush all your hair at the top. Tie those hairs to form the bun. Don’t leave any loose hairs which can bath in the sweats. Use a headband to secure any small hairs popping out from the combed position.

In addition to securing the fitness comforts, this style will not compromise to give a pretty look.

High-Bun with Bangs

Different messy buns can offer you with variety of styles and patterns. But this sweet style is packed with a unique boldness that would deliver a princess look. With an ultra messy high bun, you’ll have to swipe down the bangs to embellish your forehead.

The best thing to say, these buns don’t require any combs to brush your hair. Use your fingers to achieve the messy bun look. Allow the small hair strands to come out from the bun top if it wishes to do so. Lastly, keep the hair loose to retain its liveliness of the hair.

Donut High Bun

A messy bun is incomplete without combining the very versatile donut style. The integrated effect would be a perfectly shaped and polished hair look. This will also make your bun hair look ample, even if it is not. Hence are perfect for our thin-haired friends.

For making this bun, you must have a sock that is cut and wrapped around the ponytail base to form a donut shape. You can also use any fancy items to decorate the top of the bun. Put out some tendrils from the back of your hair to beautify the napes and ear sides.

Dreadlock High Bun

High buns are an excellent way to show the creative artwork on the backside of your head. The patterns formed by dread hairs would make others’ heads turn around for praising the style.

Use the rope-like strands to form a mesh crossed pattern at the back of your head by overlapping each rope strand above and below the other rope strand. Create a messy bun at the top of your head. Leaving the tip of the hair strands freely over the bun adds an artistic look to the entire hair.

Half Flower Bun

The beauty of a messy bun is that with a simple twist, you can change the entire look of the hair. If you have colored your hair with two shades that are complementary to each other, these buns can refresh your casual look. Make a high bun using the bubble bun method.

Exploit the color of your hair to spread the bun in such a way that both shades would highlight the bun, which resembles a half flower. Pick a few contrasting hair strands out from the axis of the bun to form a stem for your half flower bun. This adorable look is perfect for days when you have to attend special occasions.

Effortless High Bun

Tired of trying different styles at home? Have a look at this effortless high bun. As the name suggests, these buns are relatively simple and the quickest way to achieve the descent look if you’re in a hurry.

This simple high bun would give you a casual look at homes within two minutes. Just use your fingers to assemble the hair at the top to create a bun. Allow the tips of your hair to stay out from the bun and swing freely outside.

Parrot Tail Wild Bun

This elegant high bun is perfect for attaining a carefree and wild look. A smooth, silky hair would transform this style to draw the attention from others. The hair is left much loose to complete the messiness.

From the high buns, the flying layered hair tails would follow the napes to act like a dreamy ponytail reminiscent of a parrot tail. You can also fall some strands to the sides of the ear for making the look truly a rock star. Don’t add any accessories, as the look itself is sufficient to define you uniquely.

Coily Bun

You’ve guessed right; these buns are exclusively for Type-4 coily hair. Gorgeous tight curls can be superbly presented using this high bun style. You can leave some front pieces to shape your face. The curled buns at the top of the head would feel like a crown.

You can also customize the hairstyle bun by adding a few hairpieces of jewelry. Touch up your look with light makeup and pair it up with a black dress to celebrate a themed party.

Tight Knotted Bun

The style is simple yet powerful to add a pretty detailing to your face. The bun is sleek and tight so that you can express your face tightly. The main attention will be on your whole face.

The bun style is ideal for formal events like wedding parties or award shows. Wear a one-shoulder dress to make them look much more sophisticated. Apply hairsprays or any oil to prevent frizz/flyaways. Leave very few hairs from the top of the ear to flow freely.   

Sleek-Voluminous Bun

This style is similar to the above one, except for the fact that this one would have a lot of volume in the bun since it is a donut bun. You will not see any hair or frizz coming out from the beautifully combed hair.

That’s how a perfect sleekness is obtained. Dye the top bun separately with a vibrant blue shade that would lock your look perfectly. Finish the bun look with a last touch of hairspray.

Braided High Bun

Braiding and high buns have been partners for the last few years. The braiding would upgrade your normal high bun. The hairstyle ends with an exciting high bun that would almost occupy a large space on your head.

Again, the difference in the shades of base and tip hairs had resulted in creating a chunky texture high bun. Make sure to secure your sleek braids with a hairpin. If you wish, you can add stones in between the braids. Follow this style to receive admiration from others.

Low Plaited High Bun

When you’re trying some high buns, you must be expecting some variations that would kick the uniqueness of your style. This bun is going to gift you with an innovative look. At first, you need to create a high bun. But before this, leave some hairs at the back for plaiting.

Once you have finished with a high bun, use the hairs at the back to form plaits invertedly. When the plait reaches the bun, wrap it around the bun to hide the tips. Decorate with some accessories in the intersections formed by plaits to give it an appealing visual treat.

Faux Bang High Bun

Play with your high bun by adding faux bangs. If you want a temporary, quick, and special bang look along with a high bun, you won’t need to cut down the hair. Instead, you can use this faux technique to create a mysterious look. To do this, gather your hair and form a high ponytail. Split the ponytail into two parts. Let one part be spread towards the forehead.

Adjust the length and arrangements of the bangs that you need. Secure the bangs with a hairpin at the base. Let the remaining hairs of the ponytail get wrapped around itself and form a high bun. Slightly push the bun hairs out to make it voluminous.

Ball-shaped high bun

Are you too tired of strands of hair interfering with your focus and concentration? And does the monotony of the mundane also frustrate you? If yes, then this is the hairstyle for you.

All you gotta do is tie up all your hair into a ball-shaped bun on the top of your head, and you’re done!

Mohawk triple bun

This is the age and time when fashion is all about discovering new styles and donning them with panache. You need to be bold and confident enough to pull off a tricky hairdo like this one and after you do it, get ready to bedazzle them with your looks.

high bun

Why do all the bun hairstyles have to start at the back? If this question makes you wonder and you wish to have a front bun bit with style, then this is the ideal hairdo for you.

Just let half of your hair down, and the other half tied neatly into a bun just at the middle of the top head.

Layers of a flower

This is definitely one of the most fun hairstyles and cannot be done without expert supervision. It involves taking strands of hair and fashioning them into layers, forming petals on petals, and creating the perfect princess look. Get ready to spread your wings, tinker bell!

Rainbow colored high bun

Coloring your whole head or just having highlights is too out there and what you need is a little exception. We can assure you that by just coloring your simple high bun or coloring your hair in such a way that when tied into a bun, it looks colorful. You can pull off any look and at any event. Just add cute little accessories, and you’re good to go!

Who are suitable for these Messy High Bun Styles?

Messy High Buns can suit any aged woman. For little girls and toddlers, messy double buns are an easy way to increase their cute looks. These high bun styles can make teens and women free to look much more stylish, fashionable, and cool. Even older women over 50 can try these styles to regain the spirit of the looks.

How much time does it take?

The time taken by an individual would vary with the styles they choose. For example, if you choose a simple high bun, it would take only 2 minutes. But if you want to incorporate new styles or patterns or accessories into a high bun, the time would also change accordingly. However, remember that messy high buns are an effortless, easy, and quick way to achieve the perfect frame of hair for your face.

How to maintain Messy High Buns?

Securing the base is easy to maintain high buns for longer hours. This includes properly tying up the elastic bands, using the hairpins wisely to lock the hairs in a perfect place, etc. can help you.

Don’t forget to apply the hairsprays to help keep the hair stay longer in one place without any frizz. Hair sprays or gels can also keep the baby hair from becoming wild. Before making a high bun, twist the hair for wrapping and tying. These will give extra protection to the hair bun.

When you have to present yourself with full confidence, do try these styles. Pull yourself for better selfies and posts with the messy high buns. These 30 styles would definitely be going to define you in 30 different ways.

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