25 Masculine Classy Tapered Fade Haircuts For Men

Tapered Fade Haircut is an evergreen and timeless cut because of the masculine and attractive hairstyle it creates and the variety of looks it brings. It is a versatile style that can be designed in so many variations and ways. It can also be personalized as per the need of the client to suit his personality to the best.

The tapered cut is one of the oldest stylings in hairdressing and is accepted wholeheartedly by the men for its easy, comfortable, and low-maintenance styling. It gives you a very trendy, stylish, and perfect look for summer. As this style is versatile, some of the best-picked tapered hairstyles are collected for you guys to let you decide which one is best for you. You can add your styling to it to make it look perfect on you.

Fringy front hair with a tapered fade cut

A taper fade haircut is a style that is accepted wholeheartedly in the world of hairstyling professionals. This is the most elegant and macho look styling for the men that completely change the men’s look by adding on so much style and fashion.

The glossy brown shaded hair kept long hair with fringes at the front and fading out with short at the back. It looks very neat and tidy, and the short hair at the back makes it so easy to manage.

Cropped top hair with high tapered fade haircut

To achieve this look, you must have straight, silky, and radiant hair, as this type of hair is important to bring the same texture as the hairstyle. The style is very funky and adventurous and needs lots of confidence and attitude to carry it gracefully.

The style is apt for teenagers, college-goers, and guys who love to travel worldwide. It looks very classy when paired with funky jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of cool shades.

Long black hair with bangs and low tapered haircut

The jet black silky, smooth, and shiny hair is what the hairstylists need to do this kind of styling. In this style, the top hair is kept long and slicked at the back with a wavy pattern to form bangs, and the back hair is cut short and forms a fade-out styling at the lower head.

The styling is apt for formal occasions and can be paired nicely with formals and semi-formals. This type of styling is befitting for adult men.

Tapered fade cut with fine wavy hair

This style looks ultimate and makes a man look heartthrob-dashing personality. This kind of hairstyling requires a bit of wavy textured hair to achieve the exact hairstyle.  This style is the most iconic one and has been carried off with great confidence by many big celebrities and personalities.

The lustrous and glossy top hair is styled in a way that makes every streak brings texture and volume to the hair. The side and back hair are cut short, creating a fade-out tapered look.

Brunette spiked up hair with tapered fade

The awesome balayage of brunette color is a great add-on to the style. The color and texture of the hair play a very important role in styling the hair. The spiked-up brown hair looks so dashing and cool. It is the perfect look for the hot and dashing guys who like to flaunt their style every moment.

The spikes and tapered fade-out cut compliment each other so perfectly.  When paired with a mustache and beard, it looks even amazing.

neatly gelled up straight hair with a tapered fade cut

The guys who have to dress up with formals in their professional world are the perfect style for you to stay trendy and create your style statement even at your workplace.

The style requires straight hair for styling, and a gel can be used to make the style stay and last for longer. The top hair is kept long and combed up straight to the back, and the side and back hair are cut short for a military look.

Tapered cut with high volume curly top

The guys with curly hair are noticed complaining about their unmanaged hair and lack of good styling.  So not worry, guys, this is the perfect haircut to style your curly hair.

This kind of look suits all types of faces and personalities. The curly top hair brings volume to the curls and makes them bouncy. This style looks really amazing when paired with a semi-formal blazer and a cargo.

Wavy front with textured back

The hair is kept long in the front, followed by short hair in the middle and extremely short at the back. The front hair is kept longer to create that perfect curly and wavy hair.

In the middle back, the hair is combed up from both sides to the center to create a beautiful and detailed texture. The ends of the back are cut very short of creating the fade-out tapered look. This style is so trendy and fashionable because of its timeless look, clean style, and versatile appearance. It’s great for casual and formal looks.

Ashy grey and blended black spiked hair

The ashy grey and black hair are blended together so nicely and creating a great impact. The hair is spiked up in this style at the top so artistically in a unique way. To segregate the side hair from the top hair, a fine line is drawn with a razor, which is actually making the style more interesting and unique. The side hair gives a fading effect.

Short spikes top

In this style, the hairstylist requires a perfect hair texture with very straight hair and a smooth finish, and then only the same style can be achieved. The top hair is cropped up, and the tapered cut starts from the higher sides of the back and sides. The fade look is finished with a bald effect.

The very small spikes in the short and straight hair look really attractive and eye-catchy. The style is apt for men with younger and middle ages.

Middle pompadour with defined side

This style is ultimate and looks really attractive. If you have this type of fine quality hair with silky, smooth, and straight texture, then you should definitely opt for this style. But beware of girls, as it would become hard for them to resist you.

The top pompadour with long hair and the side tapered cut with short hair complement each other and look every bit sexy and dashing. This style is suitable for all occasions.

voluminous top with a back sharp line fade cut

As told earlier, the color of the hair can bring a lot of differences in any hairstyle. Here, in this style, the beige-colored highlighted streaks at the front are actually making the look more attractive and irresistible.

The front wavy hair brings a fringy look, and the highlighted streak is a cherry on top. The sharp razor line drawn at the back aligned with the beard gives the style a funky look.


The lustrous and glossy hair with a brunette hue is perfect to style this kind of haircut. The hair should be jet straight to attain perfection. In this style, the front pompadour makes the hair look dense, and the way it has combed up to the back makes it bouncy.

The style looks so neat and tidy with the straight combed up pompadour and side hair cut short in fade-out tapered cut. It actually gives a macho look.

Ashy grey curly spikes

To achieve this classy and trendy look, one should have a curly hair texture with a smooth finish and radiance. The ashy grey hair color adds to the style. The styling is done by cropping up the top hair with spikes.

The curly spikes look voluminous and dense and compliment the extremely short tapered fade-out hair at the back and sides. This look will really look amazing with semi-formal pants and blazers with a pair of stylish shoes.

Asymmetric spikes

This is one of the funky and cool styles which is mainly designed for the younger generation. This is the aptest style for college goers to look casual, cool, and confident. The hair is kept short at the top and extremely short at the back and sides.

This is an easy and comfortable style to carry, which does not require much maintenance and further styling. It can be best paired with denim or cargo with a cool and funky t-shirt.

Fluffy top

The tapered fade-out cut is evergreen and everlasting because of its versatility, comfort, and attractive styling. Tapered cut hairstyles look can be done with many variations and can be customized too. Like in this style, you can see the hair is styled with such ease.

Ordinary hair is cut in a way to look that trendy and fashionable. Also, the fluffy top hair is slightly waved and looks dense and bouncy. It is a perfect cut for the ones with an oblong and wide face.

Long wavy fringes cut with a low tapered fade

The low taper fade gives a touch of styling with elegance. It starts exactly above the ears and turns around the hairline to the neck. The hair is kept long with wavy fringes that look absolutely attractive and sexy in this style.

The low taper is befitting for work professionals and has a tidy look. To bring ample contrast, hair professionals keep the top hair longer to complement with low tapered short hair. It is a timeless look that can never go out of trend.

Skin Tapered platinum spikes

This is an incredibly funky, bold, and dauntless look to be worn. For such styling, the guy should have the utmost confidence, guts, and a dauntless approach towards life, and then only he can carry the look gracefully with confidence.

You can see the high tapered cut and a fine design drawn with a skin tapered cut in this style. The top hair is kept long and wavy with spikes to look amazing with the skin-tapered design. This is a suitable styling for young boys.

Top pompadour with a side-parted low tapered cut

This type of styling is most suitable for formal occasions like social gatherings, marriages, official meetings, conferences, etc. This style goes really well with formal blazers and pants.

By styling this way, one can look every bit fashionable and trendy. In this style, you can see a proper texture on the top pompadour that looks so detailed and defined. To style this way, the top is kept longer, whereas the side and back hair are tapered to very short.

Long front highlighted bangs

The front hair is kept much longer to make long fringes with blonde highlighted streaks in this style. The style is casual and funky and can be best paired with funky clothes.

A tapered cut is done from the mid with a fade-out effect in this style. This look makes the maintenance of style very easy and manageable. This is best suitable for young boys.

Brunette slicked back

The perfect balayage of brunette makes the hair look more stylish and more radiant. This type of tapered fade hair cut is a wonderful style that requires low maintenance, less styling, and upkeeping.

In this style, the top hair is straight and combed up to back by applying a gel to keep the look staying for longer. The high tapered fade-out cut is so contrasting with the top hair and looks very masculine. 

Slate-colored cropped up top with long streaks

Opting for the slate color balayage is significant to attain the perfect look. To cut the hairstyle with such a look, the hair needs to be longer.

The longer hair will bring styling with perfection. The long hair is styled in a way that every streak is falling over them nicely. And the tapered fade-out cut makes the look effortless and comfortable to carry.

Jet black short hair

The pure black hair itself looks so elegant and classy and brings freshness to the look. Here, the style includes the wavy textured hair cut short at the top to create a standing spiked appearance.

The tapered skin fades out cut is, starting from the mid head and creating a contrast with black hair and whiteness of the skin. This look is casual and funky and so is apt for the cool guys who like to flaunt their style and fashion sense.

Black middle pompadour with a high fade haircut

The glossy and straight pure black hair looks so nice and eye-catchy. With this kind of style, the hair color looks even more attractive. The top middle hair pompadour is styled with a high bald fade look, bringing an impactful and wonderful style.

This style, if carried properly, looks outstanding and can be paired well with any outfit. A black beard is a must-have to complement the look.

Curly spikes with high taper fade at the sides and low at the back

The super stylish and unique ashy brown color looks so soft and at the same seductive. The curly hair is cut short of creating spikes both at the front and at the back.

A low-end fade cut follows the back hair’s little spikes. And the sides are cut with a high tapered fade-out cut. This look is very artistically designed, enhancing the features and bringing a fresh fashion to hairstyling. 

These are the 25 best-tapered fade styles I have sorted out for you. Guys, you have many options to style your hair and change your look, so why not try these options to look attractive and different every time.

Go for unique and creative hairstyling each time you visit your salon and flatter everyone with your masculine and handsome look.

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